Sew & Sail Kit/Class Fee SS14 (2 options)

Sew & Sail Kit/Class Fee SS14 (2 options)

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This is for all participants in our Sew & Sail 14 with Juju and Becky! 

For the first time (and by request), we are offering 2 options for the Kit & Class Fee. The Kit & Class Fee is $649.99 OR if you want to sit 2 at a machine during class the Kit & Class Fee will be reduced by $100 to $549.99!  This is a great option for a set of friends where maybe one is an expert and the other needs a lot of help/assistance. IF you choose the 2 to a machine option for your class, you will still BOTH receive the Kit so you will be able to make your own projects!  If you would like the 2 to a machine option for class but need to find another person to partner with, we can certainly help you with that! 

Receive a small BONUS Gift. If you opt to pay by Check, You can do so by sending the check to: 

SuperFan Travel

380 Broadmoor Ave

Pittsburgh PA 15228 

As you can imagine, there are many cost associated with putting on an event like this. This Sew Kit & Class Fee enables us to pull this event together. The Sew Kit and Class Fee covers your Sewing Kits and projects, involvement in group activities, use of machines, classes, staffing the event and all other fun involved with your Sew & Sail activities on your trip! The physical aspects of this kit will be given to you on board. 

This Payment is Due by April 20th 2024. Cancellation within final payment of sailing will result in an agreed charge for the kit fee.

A cancellation prior to us shipping the kits to the boat will result in a 10% cancellation fee. Let's have some FUN and get ready to Sew & Sail! 

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